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#the borgias    #INCESTUOUS ASSHOLES MAKING FLIRTY THREATS WHILE ADJUSTING ARMOR BATHED IN LIGHT    #VAN(N)OZZA SEEING HER KIDS FOR WHO THEY TRULY ARE AND BEING FRUSTRATED @ RODRIGO'S HILARIOUS INABILITY TO DO SO    #WHERE IS GIULIA THO    #UGH CAN WE JUST HAVE SOME MORE LADY POWER TRIUMVIRATE GOING ON AGAIN UGH THAT WAS SUCH A TREAT    #MISSIN U ALREADY MY LITTLE MULLETHEADED TROLL    #DOES GIOFFRE JUST OFFICIALLY NOT EVEN GO HERE ANYMORE IS HE EVER COMING BACK IS HE HAVING A LOT OF FEELINGS WE WILL NEVER KNOW    #DO WE GET VALENTINO SOON ;KSHDF;KHGKADHGDFG    #LOL @ THEM NOT EVEN BOTHERING TO PRETEND THAT THERE WAS EVER ANY DOUBT W.R.T. LAST SEASON'S CLIFFHANGER    #I MEAN    #OBVIOUSLY HI HISTORY NO RODRIGO'S STILL POPE-IN' IT UP ALL DEEP-VOICED AND SESSUAL AND WEIRDLY MORAL IN COMPARISON TO EVERYONE ELSE    #EVEN THOUGH LIKE...OK R U SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT BORGIA    #BUT ANYWAY WHY DID THEY END ON THAT IF THEY WEREN'T EVEN GOING TO FAKE THE POSSIBILITY OF HIM BEING IN REAL DANGER    #WHATEVER THIS SHOW IS THE SHOW ABOUT CODEPENDENT PSYCHO SIBLINGS MAKING INAPPROPRIATE REFERENCES AND EVEN MORE INAPPROPRIATE PHYSICAL GES...    #AKA THE BEST SHOW    #THE BEST    #DID YOU SEE THE 150% LACK OF SPACE BETWEEN THEM    #DID YOU SEE THE ARMOR    #DID YOU SEE THE HAIR    #DID YOU SEE THEIR FACES    #FAAAAAAACES    #????    #!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    #my wishlist = they Go There with cesare/lucrezia more giulia more vanozza more giulia/vanozza more giulia/lucrezia    #and yes i would even like more vittoria because that sucked but had potential and vittoria/giulia and stop dropping threads show    #it's lazy and dumb and a waste of precious time    #also that cesare/vittoria scene where they got all plotty was v. sexual tension-filled    #but then again françois arnaud could have sexual tension with a potted plant or a clump of jam dropped on floor tiles...so...    #though i'm biased bc i once had grimy awesome drunk sex in a club in bath with a guy who looked just like jemima west so i have a soft spot    #for vittoria i mean not a soft spot in my body because of the fucking...don't even know how that would happen tbh but it sounds unpleasant     ♡  263
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    no matter, i’m the guy in the background lol :D
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    Jesus Christ. They’re Back, soon. BUT NOT ENOUGH STILL jrhdsklhglhdkfjlk
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    Now I’m ready to place my bets that Cesare and Lucrezia are gonna fuck it in season 3.
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    Why do you say thst vanoza is seeing them for who they really are?
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